Finding Your Dream Home Without Living a Nightmare

House hunters are looking for that special feeling when they find the perfect house. While that may not always be an easy feat we have a few suggestions to make the process go a little smoother. 

Make a Wish List

It’s important to decide you want in your new home, we recommend making the following lists.
  • Need: This includes items that you absolutely must have like a certain number of bedrooms, a specific school district, a large kitchen or proximity to work.
  • Want: You might want a formal dining room, an extra bedroom for guests or vaulted ceilings—but you could live without them. Perhaps you have an affinity for ranch-style homes or a penthouse condo, but you ultimately might have some flexibility on your home’s style.
  • No Way: Living on a busy street, not having enough bathrooms or needing costly upgrades might be deal-breakers for you.
  • Fixable: Since no home is perfect, this category includes those things that you could modify to meet your needs. Maybe your dream home doesn’t have a fenced-in yard, but that’s something you can easily add. A three-car garage might be ideal, but you can get by with two if you add a storage shed. The carpet may be hideous, but you could possibly replace it.

Life on Your Own Terms

After making your wish list, review it to make sure it matches your lifestyle and goals. These may include having a large family, fostering pets, spending a lot of time outdoors, hosting holiday gatherings or settling down for quiet evenings.

Budget is Nothing to Fear

You may not enjoy talking about the financial aspects of buying a home, but it’s critical to be crystal clear on what you can afford. It can be heartbreaking to fall in love with a property that’s out of your price range.
Wondering how to calculate what those payments would be? Your mortgage lender can help you come up with these numbers. Even better you can get pre-approved so you know for sure which home you can afford. Armed with that knowledge, your real estate agent can help you find properties within your price range.

The Heart of the Matter

In addition to the financial aspects of buying a home, it can be a very emotional time for many buyers. You’ll probably experience some big highs and some bummer lows, but maintaining a healthy perspective can help you deal with these emotions.
You should also think about what type of decision-making style you and your partner have. Some people make an offer after seeing only five or six homes, while others view tons of properties and end up with “analysis paralysis” about their decision. Being aware of what type of buyer you are will help you manage the house-hunting process more effectively.
Following these suggestions may help you enjoy the quest for your dream home.
- By Stephanie Clark , Aug 23, 2018