Stearns is Committed to Helping Those Impacted by Huricane Harvey

Our hearts and minds are with family, friends and customers who are suffering the devastating impact of Hurricane Harvey.

Here is some information we hope will be helpful to our customers. At, customers will find information including, toll-free numbers to call:
  • To report damage and file insurance claims  (866) 822-3434
  • To discuss disaster relief and financial hardship assistance  (800) 909-9525
Assurant, the insurance company used by Stearns’ loan servicing provider, will be onsite in declared disaster areas to expedite the payment of insurance claims in the hardest hit areas, as soon as it is safe to do so.
Regarding monthly mortgage payments, our impacted customers can rest assured that no late payment fees will be charged and late payments will not be reported to credit bureaus.

Generally, customers who are unable to work because of Hurricane Harvey will likely qualify for six months of suspended or reduced mortgage loan payments. Some customers will also qualify for an additional 6 months of temporary payment relief.
Stearns is committed to helping communities recover and heal.
- By Kasia Stephenson, Aug 30, 2017