How to Elevate your Host Status

Prepparing for a house full of guests can be chaotic, but we have a few things that will elevate you to the status of hostess extraordinaire.

  • Ask about food allergies ahead of time. If possible, try to accommodate these concerns by making a few dishes that don’t contain the allergens. (And ask your guest where their EpiPen is in case it’s needed.)
  • If you have older individuals coming, remove or tack down all rugs that could be dangerous and keep fast-moving pets in a room where they won’t trip the guests.
  • Keep a small basket of helpful items in the kitchen or other convenient location where kiddos can’t get to them. Include ibuprofen, acetaminophen, bandages, antibiotic cream (like Neosporin®), antacids, food service gloves and other things your guests may need. (It’s also a good idea to have an ice pack in the freezer for any bumped heads or toes.)
  • Make sure your bathrooms are well-stocked with plenty of toilet paper, plunger, air freshener, disposable hand towels (splurge on fancy ones if you want), tissues, dental floss, feminine hygiene products and other personal items.
  • If people offer to help, let them. Since it can get chaotic to have too many hands in the kitchen, have a mental list of other things they can do—fill water glasses, take drink orders, choose a playlist or Pandora® station, set the table, take a drink to granny and gramps, set up extra chairs or check on the kids.

- By Stephanie Clark , Nov 20, 2018